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Entrepreneurs - You don't win the lottery by thinking about it

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

I've wanted to start a blog for years and was finally able to do it. My problem was I just didn't want to be a "blogger" who has a "blog" and thinks everything I blog about is amazing (not saying all bloggers are like this), because it isn't. I gave up social media a few years ago for various reasons and I find myself needing a space where I can express myself and this is the only other medium I could think of that would provide that space. Yes, I have some negative feelings towards blogs, but that's probably because I've never done it myself! So here goes nothin'!

I recently finished my MBA and one of my favorite classes was an entrepreneurship class during which we started with an idea and ended the course with pitching that idea/business plan to real investors. My team won the competition and even though we didn't actually launch anything, the process really lit a fire in me. I have tons of business ideas, most of which are not very good ones, but I have to believe some of them are good, or at least decent. Figuring out which idea(s) to take seriously has been a problem for me.

I'm currently reading "Tools of Titans," by Tim Ferriss, and one of his interviewees, James Altucher, said, "If you can't think of 10 ideas, then think of 20." What? How does that make any sense? Well, Altucher is an extremely successful entrepreneur and the founder of 20 companies, so if it's worked for him, than maybe it will work for me too. He says doing this exercise will help alleviate pressure and build creativity. I think about random things and stupid business ideas all the time, but I rarely write them down. Same thing goes for the lottery, I think about how I will spend 100 million dollars, but I never buy a ticket. No, I'm not going to start buying lottery tickets, but I am going try writing 20 business ideas down. Don't steal mine! Try it for yourself!

  1. Stroller ladders

  2. Baby pools that stand up inside a regular pool

  3. Lamps that also double as a home for hermit crabs

  4. Scratch-off maps of cities for kids so they can learn the surrounding area

  5. Noise-cancelling blender boxes

  6. Book page turner (one I can just attach to my book so I can read in bed and not move)

  7. An interactive children's book that includes a scavenger hunt of sorts

  8. A baseball version of Top-Golf

  9. A service that allows you to buy a random birthday gift for a random person

  10. A new language that rewards people for deciphering a story

  11. Hot sauce

  12. Avocado seed art

  13. Physical drop-boxes that anyone can use to drop something off for someone else to pick up (no not for drugs)

  14. Flash cards for sports leagues/teams

  15. Toy scooper

  16. Monthly toy subscription service

  17. Monthly children's book subscription service

  18. Glow in the dark slippers

  19. Colorful water pocket coats

  20. Book about aliens who have the cure to cancer

DONE! That took me about 45 minutes. Some of the ideas above have been swirling around in my head for years, so I don't know if they really count. Most of them are probably terrible ideas and some of them have probably already been created (tons of hot sauces out there as you know). I just don't feel like searching the internet for them. Even if there is something similar already out there, perhaps I could make a better version. Either way I found doing this exercised my creativity, made me laugh, and was generally just fun! Will I ever launch any of these ventures? Probably not, which is probably a good thing. If I did this every week though, which maybe I will, then I'm sure I'll come up with a good entrepreneurial adventure eventually.

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